Nexus Co-Work & Event Space is a functional co-working space that supports daily business needs for a community of like-minded business leaders. They also provide trainings and events to enhance business teams.

project goal

Nexus Co-Work and Event Space needed a speciliazed coworking website design. They are part of an over-arching branding project for The Nexus Project – a project of various missions and organizations of the Ridge Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. They needed a website that explained their co-working community, showcased their various memberships, room and event space rentals, as well as displayed their community involvement network. They also wanted to establish a graphic design retainer, in order to have us create coworking graphic design as they continued to grow and market their new space.

our approach

iWe created a sub-brand of the Nexus Project for the Nexus Co-Work & Event space that ensures everythng aligns within the brand. We then created an engaging website that showcases the various membership options, room rentals, digital resources for business owners, and also connects it with the coworksapp which they use to manage their memberships and bookings. From there, we also designed a stationery system, brochures, outdoor signage, and various other marketing materials.

Charlotte, North Carolina Website Design, Logo Design, and Graphic Design