Orange Moss Creative is a creative studio in San Antonio, TX that helps communicate your company’s brand story through expertise in beautiful, strategic, and professional graphic design & website design.

Lauren Hanley  /  Owner & Principal Creative

With over fifteen years of design experience, Lauren has a passion for both problem solving and creating beautiful and thoughtful designs.

She has worked for a wide range of companies including corporate, public relations, event management, start-up, publication, and non-profit. The experience in these variety of business models made it an easy transition in starting her own creative studio. She has an extensive education background in design, earning her

+ Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Graphics and Business Management from Syracuse University
+ Master of Arts in Graphic Design from Savannah college of Art and Design.

Currently living and working in San Antonio, TX, her design clients have roots in Atlanta, New York, Washington D.C. Charlotte, and many others in between.

Speaking on Design

Visually Branding Your Company

Conversation with Kristine Sickels of Nexus Co-Work and Event Space

Framily  /  On Design

with Alison Knowlton of Lilacs on York Creative Studios & Stanley Bradley

A reflection on the aesthetic of our lives, how to adapt when the things you design don’t go to plan, and learning to relate.

Orange Moss Creative Consultants

Jennifer Ostromecki
Marketing Communications Consultant

Jennifer is a marketing communications professional who focuses on content marketing, social media strategy, and brand development. She is passionate about the role storytelling plays in a brand’s content strategy believing that people connect with brands through the stories they share and the people associated with them. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and European History from the University of Rochester, where she was then awarded a full scholarship to study Linguistics and Language Development. She obtained her Master of Science in England from the University of East Anglia’s Norwich Business School, a program which focused on Brand Strategy and Development.

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