brand intensive

Hire us to conduct a full Brand Intensive and we’ll guide you through two strategy calls, plus put together a presentation of suggestions to improve your brand presence. You walk away with a clear plan of action for your branding so you are ready to take the next steps

Have a brand presence that just isn’t working? Need a refresh, but you’re not sure where to start and need to feel confident in a new direction before diving in? A brand intensive could be a good start for you.

If you know your brand presence needs a refresh, but you’re not quite sure where to start, or if you aren’t sure you want to invest in a logo redesign or website redesign, a brand intensive is a great choice for you.

How Does it Work?


+ 1 Hour Discovery Call

We’ll chat about your business – your frustrations, your goals and your dreams for where you want to take it. We’ll take a look at where your brand sits currently – your website, your social media presence, your marketing materials. Anything that has your brand on it that you want us to take a look at.

From there, we’ll compile a digital presentation that we’ll walk you through via a zoom call. This presentation will include

+ Big Picture Visuals of your current brand 
+ What’s working for your brand currently
+ What’s not working
+ Suggestions for improvement


+ 1 Hour Strategy Call

The presentation will include a 1 hour strategy call to go over our recommendations for next steps – what design and marketing opportunities do you have that you aren’t leveraging and recommendations for implementing these. You will walk away with a clear picture and plan for next steps with your branding.


What Does No Strings Attached Mean?

No strings attached means, once we complete your brand intensive, you are under no obligation to purchase any other services from us. We’ll give you our advice for your brand. If you like it and you like us, you can hire us to help you implement it. If you don’t like what we have to say, you can take our advice and move on. 

This gives you the confidence that you are in no way tied down to using us for design services. We want you to feel comfortable with our abilities and stategic thinking for your brand, and a Brand Intensive is a good way for you try us out at a minimal cost, with no obligations to move forward.

Brand Intensive Price:


Interested in hiring us to conduct a Brand Intensive?