website design

Websites that look good and perform well.

website design

Websites that look good and perform well.

Your business deserves a website that guides your customers through your brand experience clearly, concisely, and with visual appeal.

Your website is the face of your company. It’s where your potential customers come to see what you’re all about and where your current customers come to be reminded of why they chose you.

It’s important to not only have a website that beautifully conveys what you’re all about, but is also reliably functional. There is nothing worse than visiting a website that is difficult to navigate or is so slow you leave out of annoyance before it even loads.

We build WordPress websites that guide your customer through a strategic journey of what your business is all about.

Want to chat about your website design project? We’d love to learn more about your company.

OMC Websites are:

Built on the #1 CMS Platform: WordPress.

Custom Built, Just For You. No Templates Used Around Here.

Beautiful Design & Functional Excellence.

Designed to be a Strategic Brand Experience.

Communicate your company’s purpose.

Safe, Optimized, and Updated.

Designed to convert Visitors to Customers.

Responsive on Mobile & Tablet.

Clear, Creative and with Call to Actions in mind.

Content Edited for Clear Communication

Set up with Basic SEO. 

Set up with Google Analytics for Tracking Your Traffic.


We have a specific process that ensures your custom WordPress site works for your business.

1. Discovery

The first part of the web design process is you talking and us listening. We want to know all about you – your mission, your values, your customers, your product or service. Because the more we know about you the better we can help tell your story. We’ll provide you with a detailed questionarre to guide the conversation.
Time Frame: 60 minutes

2. Planning & Content Gathering

The planning portion of your website development is just as important as the build itself. In this stage we want to get a good sense of your website content (look at what content you have, or develop new content) and begin gathering visuals like brand guidelines, logos and images.
Time Frame: 1-2 weeks

3. Wireframing

At this stage we start looking at content structure page-by-page for the entire website. This is a content layout based on the results of the planning stage. It’s important to plan out how a user will navigate through your website and start thinking about call-to-actions and structure. You’ll be able to take a look at what content goes where in a basic wireframe format before moving into the design stage. 
Time Frame: 1-2 weeks

4. Website Design & Build

During this stage you will visually see your website start coming to life. We begin building your website on a staging site hosted by us during development so that you are able to view and comment on a live site. You’ll be able to leave real time comments via our visual comment feedback tool, as well as share a link for all decision makers to give feedback and suggestions.
Time Frame: 2-3 weeks

5. Prep for Go-Live

Your website is looking good and almost ready to launch! We’ll go through and make sure all links are directing where they should, forms are being sent to the correct email, grammar is looking good, images are displaying correctly, email sign-ups are being sent where they should, social links are connected – you get the idea.
Time Frame: 1 day

5. Go-Live & Celebrate!

Then…Cue the balloons, confetti, champagne – it’s Go-Live day! After we make sure your domain is properly directed, email settings are good, and all the other techy stuff to get your site live, celebrate! Launch day is exciting because you get to share your brand new site with the world – blast it all over social media because it’s a site you’ll be proud to show off!
Time Frame: 1 day

6. Site Maintenance

Think of your website as a living and breathing part of your brand. Once it goes live, you need to maintain it, making sure it’s secure, routinely backed up in case of a crash, monitored for speed and performance, and occasional design edits or a blog post. Step 6 is the one that most business owners forget about or don’t realize they need. The last thing you want is a potential customer coming to a site that is broken or outdated. We give you two options for site maintenance:

We’ll provide you with high-level reference videos after your site goes live so you know the basics of keeping your WordPress site updated. It will be your responsibility to maintain updates, site security, etc… You will also need to purchase any licenses for premium plugins and themes that were purchased by us during the development.

Let us take care of your site. You have a million other things going on in your business – let an expert make sure your site is humming. You don’t need to worry about purchasing any of the licenses for the premium themes and plugins we use, (a $1,250 value) and you don’t need to worry about hosting. We take care of all of it. Our Website Care Package clients are our highest priority.

Ready for a new
website, but also
need a logo?

Along with website development, we also specialize in logo design and brand identity systems. We can create your brand identity in conjunction with your website so that the whole design process is seamless. We’ll provide a final logo design, color palette, and typography guide that will help bring your website to life.

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