Prestige Staffing


Prestige Staffing is staffing solution that matches elite candidates with positions as an information technology, healthcare, accounting & finance, and contingent workforce partner.

project goal

Prestige Staffing had a very outdated staffing and recruitment website that needed a redesign to highlight what their company is about, their placement opportunities, draw in potential new employees, and give information about their staff and various locations around the country.

our approach

We took their established branding and built upon it with additional branding elements, photography treatment, and overarching digital style. They needed various landing pages designed specifically for their clients and candidantes, and also people looking to work at prestige. They boast 7 locations all over the country and needed to display those as well. We also built out a custom resources page, and a back-end template for them to add more resources in-house in the future.

Atlanta, Georgia Website Design