Jess Ekstrom


Branding + Logo Design
Website Development
Website Maintenance
Graphic Design

Jess Ekstrom is a public speaker, coach, and author who helps women step into a growth mindset so they can expand their presence, amplify their voice and achieve influence.

project goal

Jess Ekstrom’s brand was growing quickly after her popularity as a public speaker and a #1 best selling author and she wanted a redesigned master brand for “Jess Ekstrom” that more defined her new work and personality.

our approach

We started with a brand intensive where we did a deep dive into her current branding (website, logo, social media, book design, and all other digital media presence) and presented her with things that she was doing in her brand that were hurting her, and uncovered some targeted ways that she could improve her digital media presence. She loved the recommendations, and from there we rebranded her business with a new logo suite, new website design, and various newly designed marketing pieces. We also continue to maintain and update her website every month, as she is a client on our website maintenance plan.

Charlotte, North Carolina Website Design, Logo Design, and Graphic Design