Collective Cafe


Menu Design
Exterior Signage Design
Website Development

The Collective Cafe is part of the Nexus Project in Charlotte, NC – an exciting and innovative approach to creating spaces that engage and benefit the local community. They serve breakfast, lunch, and handcrafted coffees and drinks.

project goal

The Collective Cafe needed a website to showcase their new location and all of their amazing menu offerings. They also needed the functionality to lead customers to an online ordering system. With their ever changing menu, they also needed the site to be user-friendly so that could make menu or price changes quickly and easily.

our approach

They wanted a logo that could be used across a variety of marketing materials – packaging, signage, menus, etc… So we provided a suite of options for the logo, and landed on a contemporary type-based logo that is versatile for many uses.

We also were tasked with redesigning their menu – they wanted to keep it at a reasonable size, while still creatively and neatly displaying their large menu. Long documents are one of our specialities and we took on the challenge with creating an organized and easy to read menu.

We used their big, bold, beautiful pictures of their food as enticing centerpieces of the site. While the site has pages that explain what Collective Cafe is about, the main pages are their menu and showcasing what can be ordered, as well giving easy user navigation to online ordering, and finding the cafe’s hours of operation and location.

Charlotte, North Carolina Logo Design and Website Design