Gmail & Yahoo email
compliancy setup

Beginning on February 1, 2024 Gmail and Yahoo will start enforcing email deliverability compliancy, in order to minimize spam emailing.

We are offering a compliancy service to make sure you are set up to comply with Gmail & Yahoo’s new requirements.

Why is this important?

If you are not in compliance, gmail and yahoo will flag and/or block your emails as spam.

After you pay for this service, a 30 minute appointment will be scheduled as an intro call, and we will collect all of the information we need in order to make sure your bulk emailing settings are compliant.

You can view Gmail & Yahoo’s new guidelines here.

Please note that Gmail & Yahoo’s requirements state that the new requirements apply to those senders who are sending out 5,000 emails or more. We recommend that even if you are not sending this amount, you should still comply with the requirements. We anticipate that it may apply to those sending less than this amount eventually – and these requirements are generally overall good practice to ensure your emails are delivered and not marked as spam, for anyone sending bulk emails to an email list.

What We’ll Do:

  • Set up an SPF record on your hosting
  • Set up a DKIM record on your hosting
  • Set up a DMARC record on your hosting
  • Set up Google Postmaster so that you can monitor if your emails are higher than a 0.1% spam reporting rate.
  • Set up one-click unsubscribe in your email template
  • Set up your verified sending domain in your email marketing client
  • Verify that your email marketing client has you covered for sending domains and IP's that have valid DNS records
  • Verify (and correct if needed) that you have a valid "from" header that is aligned with your SPF & DKIM domain

Price: $399

Payment is required at time of scheduling.

Please note, in order for us to make sure you are compliant with Gmail & Yahoo’s new email sending requirements, we will require username & password access to your website hosting, domain registrar account, email marketing platform, and any other potential logins that pertain to your email and hosting compliancy. We will provide a secure resource for you to transmit your usernames and passwords to us, and will not retain your login information after the compliancy service is completed.

If you have any questions before paying for and scheduling your service, you can submit questions here:

Gmail and Yahoo Compliancy Questions

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